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Some sections on the Smashing Pumpkins new album, Oceania, are really making me melt

been a long time since music has done that to me

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time 2 make my ebay fortune

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beating Master Quest really gave me a new appreciation for Ocarina of Time

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the new Neil Young album is fuckin great

Walk Like a Giant is one of his best ever

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  1. miguel: this is funny cuz like
  2. miguel: he is sitting at the bar arguing that hes not gay on his phone
  3. miguel: and hes like "dammit roger gimme another pitcher, miguel is bustin my balls again
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'Adam Barron
'Lab 1, Program 2
Public Class Form1
Private Sub btnCalc_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnCalc.Click

Me.Height = 185 'Causes lblOutput to be shown upon clicking the button

Dim bike, jog, swim, calories, total As Double

bike = txtBike.Text
swim = txtSwim.Text
jog = txtJog.Text

calories = bike * 200 + jog * 475 + swim * 275
total = calories / 3500

lblOutput.Text = total & " pounds were lost."

End Sub
End Class

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posting for will

posting for will

Posted 3 years ago

just got an e-mail from Amazon titled Real Emotional Trash

and it suggested I buy that album and everything else Malkmus was ever a part of

but I’ve never bought anything from Amazon

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Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Final Boss Theme - Ghirahim Demon Lord